Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The dreaded Porky Pig cover....

I stumbled upon this comic cover on John K's site a few months ago. At the time i thought to myself, "how hard could it be to copy this?" Here was my first few attempts.

As you can clearly see, i didn't even have the will power to actually finish the image. I believe i was in shock by my complete inability to draw porky pig. After dozens of terrible sketches, i tossed them into a drawer and forgot the incident ever happened. This cover has haunted me ever since.

Here's my most recent attempt after about five weeks of going through the basic construction exercises on John's site. I was surprised by how much more confident i was when breaking down the image, and feeling out the basic shapes.
Here's the overlay

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Nick Barber said...

Hi Joey, your blog is great - I'm trying to do a very similar practice blog also. Your drawing skill is very high, I was wondering what your background in art is?