Monday, August 31, 2009

Mickey and some birds...

I love this model sheet. So many beautiful drawings. I've attempted a few of the ducks at the bottom of the page.

Rough ducks and some cleanup.

Mickey studies.

My attempt at some "original" mickey poses.

...and John K's Donald Bastard

The proportions on this hen almost made me break my pencil in frustration. Grossly oversized tail feathers on my version....looks more like a peacock than a hen.

With the rooster, i had a tendency to flatten out the head when drawing it, so i really tried focusing on that area and feel out the forms.


PaulW said...

Nice work so far. I feel your frustration, I nearly ripped my sketch book in two tonight....

Keep up the good work!


Joey Lee said...

Thanks Paul! Yeah, that farmyard symphony page is a doozy. Gotta keep pluggin away.

patrick said...

Hi Joey. Would you like to be part of the Cartoon Fundamentals blog? Post your construction studies and get critiques from fellow aspiring cartoonists. Here